The Long Secret
Long Secret




Harriet Records

The Long Secret is a compilation album released by the label Harriet Records in 1995. It features "Duke Ellington" by the Mountain Goats and "Process of Elimination" by The Extra Glenns, the former of which was re-released on the Protein Source of the Future...Now! compilation.


  1. "Diplomacy, Home and Abroad" by Vehicle Flips
  2. "Lilac Ride" by Twig
  3. "My Favourite Jumper" by The Ampersands
  4. "Duke Ellington" by the Mountain Goats
  5. "Quilting Bee" by Six Cents and Natalie
  6. "The Abandoned Castle of My Soul" by The Gothic Archies
  7. "Godsound" by Pest 5000
  8. "Big Fish" by Weeping in Fits and Starts
  9. "Song for Tim and Alix" by Frank Boscoe & Karl Hendricks
  10. "The Phoebe I Know" by The Cat's Miaow
  11. "My Three Suns" by Fertile Virgin
  12. "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's To Stupid To Know About" by Tully Craft
  13. "Whistles and Bells" by Lotus Eaters
  14. "Hedgeclipping Song" by Prickly
  15. "Process of Elimination" by The Extra Glenns
  16. "Elevation Craving" by High Risk Group
  17. "Plant White Roses" by The Magnetic Fields

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