The Moon is an unreleased song by The Extra Glenns. It appeared on rare early copies of Transmissions to Horace.


I thought that I was in control
When I saw her coming, and I reached out my hand
You, you, you would think so too
But there is something here that you do not understand
She's got skin that you would not believe
I saw her skin and I went out of my mind
She's got skin more perfect than the sky
And I reached out my hand and left the world behind

Before I knew what I was talking about
I used to say that what I saw through my window
Was beauty itself, those strong white camellias
But now I see her coming, and I just don't think so
She's got skin that cannot be obtained
By letting yourself in for a thousand stitches
I reached out my hand and I walked out into the rain
There was light behind the clouds
You could just see it coming

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