The Mountain Goats
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(Left to right) Peter Hughes, Matty Douglas, John Darnielle, Jon Wurster. Photo by Brandon Eggleston.


Claremont, CA


Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Lo-fi, Bi-fi

Years active



Merge Records

4AD Records


Absolutely Kosher


Emperor Jones

3 Beads of Sweat

Yoyo Records

Current Members

John Darnielle (Vocals, Guitar, Piano)

Peter Hughes (Backing Vocals, Bass)

Jon Wurster (Drums)

Matt Douglas (Guitar, Piano, Woodwinds, Brass)

The Mountain Goats are an indie rock band formed in 1991 by John Darnielle. He has been the only member to be in the band for the entire duration of their activity.

Former / Occasional MembersEdit


Mountain Goats 10-17-08 045

The Mountain Goats with Kaki King in 2008.


  • Owen Pallett (violin, string arrangements; 2009, 2012)
  • Franklin Bruno (electric guitar, piano; 2002, 2005)
  • John Vanderslice (vocals, guitar, production; 2005, 2009)
  • Alastair Galbraith (violin; 1995)
  • Kaki King (main/backing vocals, guitar; 2008)
  • Allen Callaci (backing vocals; 1995)
  • Anonymous 4 (backing vocals; 2012)
  • Rachel Ware (bass, backing vocals; 2006, 2008, 2009)
  • Sarah Arslanian (backing vocals; 2008)
  • Yuval Semo (guitar, keyboard; 2010-2011)
  • Perry Owen Wright (guitar; 2005, 2009)
  • Erik Friedlander (cello, mandolin; 2005-2006)
  • Rob Sieracki (bass; 1995)


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Live ShowsEdit

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Associated ActsEdit


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