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New Asian Cinema




the Mountain Goats



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Treetop Song is the fifth song on the EP New Asian Cinema.


All along the interstate
The palm trees were calling out to me
And the line of them stretched down the highway forever
As far as I could see
And I waited 'til the sun was coming up
Light morning traffic and a cool spring breeze
And I heard the old voices calling down to me
From the tops of the trees

When I got up to the top, my head got light
And for a minute everything in the world was alright
And I saw the next tree just 10 feet away
Give or take a few feet I guess
And then I pushed off into the air with all my might
And headed out into the center of the morning light
And I knew that I was gonna make it
The new tree hardly shook to acknowledge my arrival
And I knew that I would be alright

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