Tyler Lambert's Grave is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats. A version of it was posted on Twitter by John in late 2010 as a reward for reaching 5,000 followers.


Steal west across the country
Under moonlight soft and wet
And let the dead of night hide you
From things you can't forget
Spend daylight in dark tunnels
Where the demons rave
One day closer every day
To Tyler Lambert's grave

Shoplift when you have to
Keep your visor low
And if your hunger shames you
Never let them know
Feel your sadness lifting
Ride it like a wave
That sets you gently down beside
Tyler Lambert's grave

Fall into a pattern
Never get unstuck
Anyone who can't relate
Should thank God for his luck

Young man in a yellow tie 
Hair gel in his hair
No context for the picture
Just kind of standing there
Try to step outside the shadow
Of your great catastrophe
Dream all night of freedom
Never wake up free

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