You're in Maya is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats. At the time it was written, it was possibly the only completely autobiographical song in the band's catalog.


He hit me right in the face
I drove the Falcon up Towne
Hung out in the library parking lot
The swelling'll never go down
Pint of Hiram Walker in the lining 
Of my father's old corduroy coat
Big big plans hatching in my brain and a
Big ugly lump in my throat
I drove up to Harvey Mudd and I played pinball
'till I didn't want to kill anyone
Polished off all my cheap whiskey 
And stepped out into the California sun

Singing bainne na mbó ar na gamhna
And the juice of the barley for me
Singing bainne na mbó ar na gamhna
And the juice of the barley for me

My thirst carried me up the coast
Where it only got sharper, goddammit
In a small room that got even smaller 
A block away from the Willamette
There was nowhere I needed to go
And nowhere I wanted to be
And my window looked out upon nothing
And nothing looked right back at me
I had a couple of things on my mind
A couple of problems to think through
And I drank 'til I couldn't see straight anymore
Until there was nothing to drink to

Singing bainne na mbó ar na gamhna
And the juice of the barley for me
Singing bainne na mbó ar na gamhna
And the juice of the barley for me

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song that is extensively autobiographical. It's probably the only one in my whole corpus like that. That's why I'm saying it so fast, because it's a rather hard song to play. It's called 'You're in Maya' which is what Hare Krishnas say to one another when they feel when one of them is being too worldly; then they're trapped up in the clutches of Maya. I could go on at length about that, but I think all of us will all be happier if I just get back to playing the songs...Oh, and the chorus! The chorus is in Gaelic, and it means 'the milk of the cow is alright for the calf', but the juice of the barley for me." -- 1999-10-09 - Crossing Border - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Things Referenced in this SongEdit

  • Harvey Mudd College is a liberal arts college in Claremont, California.
  • The line "I drove the Falcon up Towne" possibly refers to N Towne Avenue in Claremont, close to Harvey Mudd College.
  • "The Willamette" most likely refers to the Willamette River, a river that flows through Portland, Oregon among other cities.
  • The first line of the chorus is taken from the traditional Irish drinking song "The Juice of the Barley".

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Videos of this SongEdit

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