You and What Army?




Sing, Eunuchs! Records

You and What Army? is a compilation cassette released by the label Sing, Eunuchs! Records in 1994. It features "Going to Bangor" by the Mountain Goats, which was re-released on the Bitter Melon Farm compilation.


Side OneEdit

  1. "Killer" by Bruces
  2. "There She Goes" (live at ozone record) by Refrigerator
  3. "Military Compound" by Solid Jackson
  4. "King Me" by Angie Grass
  5. "Nashville" by Frontier Trust
  6. "Most Eligible Bachelor" by Party of One
  7. "Kid" by John Berlett
  8. "Art Openings & Japanese Dinners" by Beauty School Dropouts
  9. "Pressure" by Lonnie Methe
  10. "Fourth Time" by Ray T.
  11. "Let Lying Dogs Sleep" by Fischer
  12. "Do I" by Cactus Nerve Thang

Side TwoEdit

  1. "The Dress You Bought in Cleveland" by Karl Hendricks
  2. "Flame On" by Mousetrap
  3. "Jeff Engel Rules!" by Simon Joyner w/The Bruces
  4. "Portascrabble" by Paste
  5. "Hate Kitty" by Conor Oberst
  6. "Poke" by Past Punchy
  7. "Going to Bangor" by The Mountain Goats
  8. "Horizontal Drift" by John Kuhlman
  9. "Dead Man" by Woof Woof (The Dog Clan)
  10. "Shayla Song" by Brenden Hagberg
  11. "Terminating Judgements" by Culture Fire
  12. "Stupid Heartbreak Song" by Bill Hoover

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